Kööpenhaminan Suomalainen Seura / Københavns Finske Forening

Finnish Society of Copenhagen is open for everyone to join. The purpose of the society is to promote and further awareness of Finnish language and culture in Denmark.
Our society offers a place for networking for Finns and their friends who are interested about Finland. We are constantly working together with other instances as an example the Finnish Embassy and Finnish Institute, to build and spread the image of Finland and Finnish people in Denmark. We also try to help the new comers to the country to connect and ease their integration by offering freetime activities and social events.



Hjemmeside: www.suomalainenseura.dk/


Facebook: www.facebook.com/KoopenhaminanSuomalainenSeura/


Adresse: H.C. Ørsteds vej 63, 2.2
1879 Frederiksberg


Email: info@suomalainenseura.dk