Kompasset – rådgivningstjeneste for migranter

At Kompasset, we counsel all homeless migrants. But our users are primarily EU-citizens, who use their right to freedom of movement in the European Union to come to Denmark to look for a job and a better life. They do not have access to public services, and hit a number of barriers when trying to integrate into the Danish job market and society. This causes frustration and social marginalization.

We aim to reduce this misfortune by providing care and supporting the migrants in navigating the Danish society.



Hjemmeside: https://kirkenskorshaer.dk/koebenhavn/find-sted/kompasset


Facebook: www.facebook.com/kompassetkirkenskorshaer/?fref=ts


Adresse: Kæmnervej 1. 2400 København NV


Telefon i åbningstiden: 24 79 25 20


Email: susannah@kirkenskorshaer.dk


Kontaktperson: Leder Susannah L. Sønderlund

Telefon: 23 35 62 81